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Arrested For Living Free

Arrested For Living Free

Lakeland, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-Polk County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested a woman for moving into a foreclosed house on Georgetown Drive.

Investigators say 31 year-old Stacey Ann Fuchs found out the house was vacant and just moved right in.  Fuchs also changed the locks on the house and acted like she owned the place.

The woman who had been forced out by the foreclosure returned to check on the place and found the locks had been changed. She also noticed that some unfamiliar items had been placed inside the house.

The former owner contacted the lender and deputies.  Deputies arrived and made contact with Fuchs, who said she felt it was her right to move into the vacated house. Fuchs was then placed under arrest and is charged with Burglary and Grand Theft.




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