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Bill Nelson Says MacDill AFB Security Is "At The Level It Needs To Be"

Bill Nelson Says MacDill AFB Security Is

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Florida senator Bill Nelson met with the top leaders at MacDill Air Force Base about security after a homeless woman was able to jump a fence and access the base several times.

Nelson says he's been assured that the base will tighten perimeter security and make personnel more aware about security breaches.

The Orlando democrat also says the base has foiled five real threats over the last year, three of those cases within the past six weeks.  Nelson wouldn't discuss the nature of those threats, but says security measures were taken to prevent those incidents from actually taking place.

Nelson says 50-year-old Suzanne Jensen was never seen as a threat.  He expresses confidence in the base's security protocol. 

Jensen was arrested four times since last October for jumping a perimeter fence.  She claimed she remained on base for eight days in once instance, but Nelson says that's never been confirmed.


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