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City of Tampa releases expenditures related to the RNC security grant

City of Tampa releases expenditures related to the RNC security grant

TAMPA, Fla. – The City of Tampa released a full breakdown of expenditures today related to the 2012 Republican National Committee security grant.

In total, city officials said they administered $48,474,553.56 in security grant funding, with $150,000 being withheld for administrative costs from the total $50,000,000 grant awarded to the City of Tampa by Congress. Officials said $1,375,446.44 was not spent.


Security Grant by the Numbers

  • $48,474,553.56 total grant expenditure by the City of Tampa
  • $3,005,542.82 was spent on City of Tampa personnel costs and benefits
  • $3,024,656.78 was spent on various supplies such as the khaki uniforms for law enforcement
  • $3,195,750.49 was reimbursed to the City of Tampa for indirect costs associated with procurement, compliance and administration of the grant, as well as planning
  • $13,255,050.67 was spent on equipment such as the bicycles and radios for law enforcement
  • $25,993,552.80 was spent on consultants and contracts, including lodging and food for visiting law enforcement agencies as well as the contracts to lease the Public Viewing Area, Port o lets, and overtime expenses

Officials said the city also expended an additional $676,932 in costs which were not reimbursable under the security grant, which were costs associated with overtime for employees who were not security related, relocation of employees from downtown, and lost revenue because of closed parking garages and lots.

In November 2011, the House and Senate Appropriations Conference Committee recommended $50 million in security funding for the 2012 RNC Convention, and the legislation which included the grant was passed in November 2011.  



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