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Homes damaged from sinkhole in Dunedin

Homes damaged from sinkhole in Dunedin

DUNEDIN, Fla. (970 WFLA) – Dunedin Deputy Fire Chief tells 970 WFLA a sinkhole has opened up behind a house in a Dunedin neighborhood this morning and spread so wide it damaged two homes. Officials said it's one of the biggest sinkholes in Dunedin.

The scene was located at 1112 Robmar Road, near Dunedin High School.

Chief Jeff Parks said the hole is now estimated to be 80 feet wide by 55 feet deep. When they first arrived early Thursday morning, Parks said the hole was much smaller but growing, around 20 feet by 20 feet.

Chief Tripp Barrs said the hole spans across two backyards and has swallowed a boat, swimming pool, back porch, and was beginning to take out the backs of the houses.

Parks said the first house where the sinkhole formed has left a crack in the Florida room and swallowed a patio. As for the second house, Parks said the back half fell in the hole and the roof was on its way, too. Both homes, according to Parks, have been condemned and will be demolished.

Parks also said crews have discovered minor cracking in a third house.

No one was injured.

Michael Dupre lives in one of those homes. He described the early moments he knew something was wrong.

“We were sleeping in the house and my daughter woke us up and thought somebody was banging on the door trying and get into the house. I looked around and after looking at the back side of the house I saw the screen room sticking out three feet from the ground and I knew something opened up and was swallowing it,” Dupre said.

Barrs said 7 homes have been evacuated and the street to the north, Mary Jane Lane, was also evacuated as precaution. 

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