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Kriseman sworn in as St. Pete Mayor

Kriseman sworn in as St. Pete Mayor

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (970 WFLA) - Rick Kriseman is officially the Mayor of St. Petersburg.

Kriseman was sworn in Thursday around 1 p.m. in front of a crowd outside city hall. Mayors in St. Pete traditionally take their oath of office inside city council chambers – something the new mayor thought should be different this time.

“I thought it was important to move to a space that could host all who care to come – a symbol of my commitment to move forward together as one community, and to do so in the sunshine,” Kriseman said.

The new mayor stood on stage with his family and gave a speech highlighting the need to move forward and even touched on the need for a new pier.

“In the interim, residents and visitors should be able to once again enjoy walking, running, or fishing around the pier head,” Kriseman said. “And that’s why this morning we have begun the process of removing that unfriendly fence, allowing the pier head to be accessible within the next week.”

After his speech, Kriseman told reporters he'll start work first thing Friday morning.

"I'll be meeting with staff and we'll start focusing on some of the key issues that I've been talking about. We've already started with the Pier and there's a number of other things that we're going to be jumping right into. My intention was to hit the ground running and that's what we're going to do." Kriseman said. "I want to start working and it's nice to be able to drop the 'elect' part."

Kriseman beat Mayor Bill Foster in the November 2013 election. Kriseman received 55.91 percent of the vote, while Foster received 44.09 percent.

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