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Nestle Pizza Company Issues Recall Notice

Nestle Pizza Company Issues Recall Notice

TAMPA, Fla. (970 WFLA)- Nestle Pizza Company has recalled several brands of frozen pizzas due to concerns that small pieces of clear plastic may have made their way onto the pizzas during the production process. The following products are subject to the recall initiated by the US Department of ArgricultureĀ@

• California Pizza Kitchen® Limited Edition Grilled Chicken with Cabernet Sauce, UPC 71921 00781; production code is 3059525952.

• DiGiorno® Crispy Flatbread Pizza Tuscan Style Chicken, UPC 71921 02663; production codes are 3057525922 and 3058525921.

Each product package above has an establishment number of P-5754.

In addition, the following products are subject to FDA recall:

• DiGiorno® pizzeria!™ Bianca/White Pizza, UPC 71921 91484; production code is 3068525951.

• California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Crispy Thin Crust White®, UPC 71921 98745; production codes are 3062525951, 3062525952 and 3063525951.

All the pizzas on the recall list were produced between Feb. 26 and March 9 of this year and shipped to retail establishments nationwide.

For additional information about the recalls visit the US Department of Agriculture's website. CLICK HERE


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