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President to Seek Approval from Congress Over Syria Action

President to Seek Approval from Congress Over Syria Action

WASHINGTON D.C. (970 WFLA)- President Barack Obama addressed the country today over the growing concerns in Syria and what may or may not be the plans to deal with the growing problem.

The President firmly expressed that the evidence was clear that a chemical attack took place. Obama said the problems in Syria are a threat to our national security.

The president confirmed that the United States will take military action against Syria, to no uncertain terms.  Military assets are in place and ready to launch an attack whenever the time comes.

The president also announced a second decision that he will seek approval from Congress to launch the attack.  Congress stands ready to hold a debate and a vote on the future actions over Syria.  The president says he remains confident that moving forward with or without permission from the United Nations.

The president posed a question to all the members of Congress as they work through the decision making process. “What message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of people and children can be gassed in plain sight?”

The president ended his speech asking Congress to make this vote with the thought of the nation’s security in mind.


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