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Two More Lakeland Cops Resign

Two More Lakeland Cops Resign

Lakeland, Fla.-(970 WFLA)-The police department sex scandal continues to grow with two more officer resignations.  Lieutenant Al Wilson and Officer George Vidal are the latest to quit.

The two new resignations make nearly a dozen officers who've walked over the scandal.  Police Chief Lisa Womack says Wilson and Vidal were scheduled for pre-disciplinary hearings and would have been fired if they had not stepped down.

State Attorney Jerry Hill says Wilson was accused of talking sex and touching a civilian female employee.  Vidal was accused of having sex with the same woman in a closet at the L.P.D.

The former employee, Sue Eberle, has admitted to having both forced and consensual sex with a number of Lakeland officers and a firefighter.


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