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BY: John Mamola /

By now you've probably heard of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who admitted on Tuesday that he smoked crack cocaine "about a year ago" and in a "drunken stupor."  Ford not only made headlines around the world for his shocking admission, but also for the tie he wore making his confession which included logos from all the teams in the NFL.

Now even though Mayor Ford has been tough on his stance of staying Mayor of the great city of Toronto, he now has a new adversary.  Legendary wrestler "The Iron Sheik."

No.....We're not kidding.  (WARNING:  Videos ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Apparently Sheik (real name Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri) has a beef with the Mayor, and wanted to arm wrestle him to make him "humble."  So the Sheik sat outside Mayor Ford's office on Wednesday, demanding his match with Mayor Ford.

The Mayor did not make the match.  Bummer.


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