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Buy out Vinny, then trade him, then get him back?

An intricate attempt at circumventing the NHL's new compliance buyout system, one the Lightning could have thought about using to hold on to Vincent Lecavalier at a lower rate, has been nipped in the bud.

The NHL, as reported by the New York Post, sent a memo to GMs Monday that essentially closes a potential loophole. The league closed off the possibility that a team could trade a cost-inefficient player, have the new team buy him out and then allow the player back to his former team at a lesser salary.

Story author Larry Brooks is the one who speculated the NHL's memo was prompted by a potential Lightning maneuver.

Brooks wrote: "It is believed the Lightning and Maple Leafs had discussed such a maneuver regarding Vincent Lecavalier, who has seven years and $45 million remaining on his contract, with the buyout thus worth slightly more than $30 million."

But league deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Tampa Bay Times "No Lecavalier hypothetical has been brought to our attention."

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