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Dee Gordon is excited to make his 1st All Star team

Los Angeles Dodgers 2B Dee Gordon joins Jay Mohr Sports to celebrate making his 1st All Star team

Mohr: “Do you have the green light to steal whenever you’re on base?”

Gordon: “Yes, it’s a green light every time… But I can’t run every pitch; you just can’t be running all crazy. You’ll get in trouble.”

Mohr: “How much of stealing bases is just sheer physical ability, how much of the mental game goes into it? When you’re standing on first base is there a checklist that you go through before you take off?”

Gordon: “Yeah….. It isn’t just about running. You want to get it right because running back to the dugout after you get caught stealing is just embarrassing.”

Mohr: “So you could steal on half these guys if you wanted to all the time?”

Gordon: “Guys are quick to the plate and I’ve got good hitters (behind him). I can’t disrupt their hitting by running all the time. It’s about those guys behind me more than me.”

Mohr: “Have you ever told a first baseman, “I’m stealing on this next pitch?”

Gordon: “Yes, there’s been a few of them (laughs).”


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