Ron and Ian

Ron and Ian

Must-hear interview with widow of of Tom McHale

Ian had a very passionate opinion on the NFL concussion lawsuit being settled, as he was involved himself.

Much of the conversations are available on the podcast page, including one player (click HERE to listen) who said he did NOT choose to get in on a "cash grab" personally. But none of it touches what Lisa McHale had to say, and we have that for you here.

Lisa is the widow of Tom McHale, the former Buccaneer lineman who in 2008 took his own life. McHale had suffered from depression and was later upon autopsy shown to have suffered the effects of brain injury related to football.

During her talk with Ian, Mrs. McHale did not mince words when asked if the settlement was any kind of admission by the NFL of its fault in the matter.

"There's every reason to believe that they settled in order to hide what it is that they knew, and when they knew it," McHale said.

Here is the full conversation:



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