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Hot topic Friday: Screwy Rays ticket system

The hot topic on The Sports Page with Rick Stroud and Tom Jones Friday is the new ticket price system that the Rays will start implementing this season.  It's a system that the Lightning also brought around this season.  The new price system will make fans start to think more like they're buying an airline ticket than a ticket to the Trop.
The system, known as dynamic pricing, gets rid of the old "diamond" games which would have featured teams like the Yankees and Red Sox.  Platinum, gold, and silver games as well are becoming a thing of the past.  This season, the price of a ticket will depend on a few factors for that specific game ranging from team popularity or if there is any special event going on at the stadium on that particular day or night. 

 The way around making sure you get the right ticket for the right price?  Buy early.  If a fan buys a ticket in April for a game in June before the full concert series is announced, the chance of that ticket price going up once a concert is scheduled after that night's game is very possible.  But the fan who bought early, got the ticket at the cheapest price.  Much is the same if the Rays are playing meaningful baseball in late September.  Buy your September tickets early, and you'll be assured the best possible price.


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