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John Clayton says Schiano future tied to Glennon

John "The Professor" Clayton from ESPN knows the NFL better than anyone and chimed in valuably Thursday on the Sports Page.

Clayton said he thinks Josh Freeman could be starting at quarterback for the Vikings as soon as next Monday Night.

What he had to say about Bucs new starter Mike Glennon is even more interesting.

"I think they're rushing Glennon, I think that's pretty evident," Clayton said. "I thought it was very strange that he got the start before the bye week."

Further Clayton linked head coach Greg Schiano's future here to Glennon's success.

"If you get to the end of the season and Glennon doesn't look that good, and the team's sitting there with a 4-12 record, Schiano's going to be up for review," he said.

And why stop the quarterback news there. Clayton said of this week's opponent, that he does not see the Eagles risking Michael Vick's injury and that Nick Foles will get the start.

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